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The Frontier Spirit Manifests in the e-Manufacturing System

e-Manufacturing System

In forging, the use of high precision dies does not necessarily guarantees the intended result due to a high deformation resistance of the material. At the same time, the die itself may exhibit an elastic deformation at the time of forging. These factors must be considered especially when developing a high precision component, such as a small gear. It is also important to feed back the data obtained in a trial accurately to the production of the next die to minimize the cycle of trial-and-error. Akamatsu Forsys has formed an integrated network of the latest three-dimensional measuring device from Carl Zeiss, an ultra-high speed machining center, and a CAD/CAM system that is capable of correcting three-dimensional models automatically based on the measurement data from the Carl Zeiss device. This advanced system eliminates the inconsistencies of the intuition-and-experience approach and makes the company one of the leaders in creating e-manufacturing systems.

1.Creation 2.Machining 3.Measurement 4.Compensation

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