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Bipolar System Promise for Stable supply

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QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) are not the only elements facilitating user-friendliness. Equally significant is the company's manufacturing system that assures proposed QCD. It is still fresh in our memory that the 2007 Niigata Prefecture Offshore Chuetsu Earthquake inflicted serious damage to major plants of leading automobile parts suppliers and the automobile industry experienced production cutbacks and interruptions in the aftermath. It is therefore essential to consider the risks of natural and industrial hazards in constructing a manufacturing system. Akamatsu Forsys has two separate plants to facilitate distributed manufacturing and enhanced production capacity. The company's Hirakata Plant, which also serves as the head office, and Shizuoka Plant complement each other to support the stable supply of dies. The bipolar system in which two plants operate in harmony guarantees supply and uninterrupted operation.

Representative Kenichi Akamatsu

We believe that precision cold forging is the most effective manufacturing method in reducing CO2 emission. This is also the reason why we are eager to serve the community through the development of environment-friendly manufacturing methods.
Takashi Akamatsu, Representing Director

The mission of a die manufacturer for cold forging is to continue the research on expanding the application area of its customers. It must not give up the effort to use cold forging to cover the areas of finishing processes. Keeping these missions in mind, Akamatsu Forsys strives to enhance its creativity, collaborate with customers, improve productivity, and reduce production costs. Everybody at the company believes that this steadfast determination will bring about considerable results in slowing down global warming and reducing CO2 emission. All efforts are aimed at serving the customers and helping environmental preservation. Akamatsu Forsys has been and will be a relentless innovator in providing solutions to make manufacturing activities more environment-friendly by introducing new and more advanced mechatronics.

Takashi Akamatsu
1956, March
50 million yen
Main bank
MitsuiSumitomo Bank(hirakata branch)
Head office/Plant
Phone +81-(0)72-858-0115
Fax +81-(0)72-859-2943
E-mail info@forsys.co.jp
Shizuoka Plant
Phone +81-(0)537-35-1111
Fax +81-(0)537-35-1811
E-mail info-shizuoka@forsys.co.jp


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